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Social Studies

Social Studies at Sea Crest encompasses learning about ourselves and others, our place in the world, as well as our place in time. It empowers students with the knowledge and skills to be thoughtful and contributing members of their community.

In the Primary grades, social studies go hand in hand with developing social skills. Students learn about the immediate world around them, exploring the concept of family, school community, neighborhood, and farm to table, with an emphasis on celebrating diversity and interdependency.

In the Secondary grades, students expand their lens to explore our broader global community and to learn about the history of our local community and state, making comparisons between life then and today. Students also learn to look at social studies through the lens of perspective, understanding how events impacted different groups of people.

The lens of perspective continues to play an important role in the Upper Grades where Social Studies is integrated with Language Arts in the Humanities block. Students travel through time to make connections, observe historical patterns of civilization and human behavior, and use their knowledge and understanding of the past to better understand the present. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, civic discourse, and articulation through rich opportunities for discussion and debate.

First Grade Farmers' Market

Second Grade County Study